Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Music that Bids Bon Voyage

THE FUTURIST! posts this very late entry in his Saturday Music series after a very busy weekend ... oh, boy. Usually THE FUTURIST! plans his Saturday Music features in advance. Sometimes he has had last minute inspiration. Oft times the Saturday Music post is inspired by personal experience of the past or present ... sometimes a mere quirk of happenstance. Today THE FUTURIST! posts this entry which is a favorite of an acquaintance who is going to travel to Europe this week ... most specifically the faraway world of Great Britain. One day THE FUTURIST! hopes to travel to that area of the world and visit his correspondents in Scotland and Ireland and England, but for now he must only fantasize and live vicariously through others and their real life escapes. Most appropriately, this tune is from a English pop group of some time ago.

Bon voyage, M.H.

Safe travel and safe return.

* Pssst! Next week THE FUTURIST! promises to get
more personal with his Saturday Music entry!


performed by The English Beat

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