Monday, March 7, 2011

When Movie Posters Were Worth Looking At #3


Not a very good remake or adaptation
of Raymond Chandler's detective classic.
The director, Michael Winner, decided to have this
version take place in then modern London.
It just did not fit the purely American character of
Los Angeles private eye Philip Marlowe.

Interesting to give a look at as a movie oddity,
but even more interesting and beautiful is the poster art
created by the late Richard Amsel.
Illustrated with a 1940s noir sensibility
with great stylistic lettering of that period.

A friend of THE FUTURIST! owned a copy
of this poster and had it tacked on his apartment wall.
THE FUTURIST! admired it each time he visited
and wanted to own it and give it a proper frame
to exist in forever and ever.


Dara said...

Cool, I love the contrasting facial expressions.


It is even a more beautiful poster when you actually stand in front of it.