Friday, March 25, 2011

A Weight on His Mind

One day THE FUTURIST! would like
to buy a suitable bookcase that would display
his film books in a less shoddy manner.
Look at this!
It is obviously made of cheap particle board
with a faux wood veneer.
The shelves are bending due to their less
than sturdy strength.
Today, he moved some books about.
(these are only some of his film books.)
It was only this very day that he noticed
how awful this bookcase appears.
But, it has sufficient spacing between shelves to
hold the larger coffee table movie tomes.
It just made him feel a little depressed.
He just doesn't have the funds to buy
a respectable bookcase, at this time.
A good quality bookcase is a lot of money.
They cost as much as coffins.
At least they could be satin lined inside.
It would make for a much more stylish
viewing of THE FUTURIST's books
for visitors to his living quarters.


Burbach said...

I feel your heartache. It is a shame to have books housed in less-than-ideal ways. I do not recommend IKEA in general, but their much of their shelving is large, dependable, and relatively cheap. I love the EXPEDIT bookcase, and have owned three in the 5x5 iteration and two in the 2x3 iteration.

Burbach said...

As I remember, there is an IKEA in Elizabeth.

Dara said...

Nice collection. The only one I have from there is Mere Anarchy.