Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Music that Sparks Spring Fever

This morning had that certain something about it ... THE FUTURIST! is alluding to the weather, the air, the sound of birds chirping and a smell brought by the breeze of freshness. It's hard to put into words without sounding a bit daft, but THE FUTURIST! felt the stirring of Springtime. This feeling was further enforced in his thoughts when he passed by The Third Man Cinema Pub and saw that the front door was open, as was the inner door that leads from the vestibule into the Pub itself. It was quite early and The Third Man was not open for business, but THE FUTURIST! could see young Otto, the waiter and glass filler with the palindromic name washing the front windows. He could see, as well, Veronica, another employee of the pub dusting off tables.

THE FUTURIST! could hear the music posted below playing as their bodies rhythmically performed their labors to the music. It is a sure sign of Springtime if the sound of Ron Goodwin's theme from the Miss Marple movies starring Margaret Rutherford could be heard emanating from The Third Man Cinema Pub. A bit of music that is as cheery and spry as young Otto and Veronica as they prepare for a weekend's business. THE FUTURIST! saw a bit of a smile that crept along Otto's mouth as he turned to look at Veronica. Ah, Spring ... The Miss Marple theme and ... young love in the air. There is a bit of hopeful happiness even in Utter Despair, N.J.

Listen and feel the blood rush:

MURDER SHE SAYS (Miss Marple's Theme)
composed by Ron Goodwin


Duncan said...

Happy coincidence, I played the Marple piece today as well, despite the rain. Those movies were ludicrous, but the music (and the Rutherford) were sublime. Have you ever seen the Joan Hickson Marples?

Dara said...

Lovely! Uplifting word from Utter Despair!