Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Music that Surprises

Yesterday, THE FUTURIST! heard some outdoor music. It was quite warm out and people gathered, as they do in the Summertime, to convene in parks to socialize, sit out in the sun and just relax under the brightness of lazy hazy day. The small band in the park played some Lady Ga Ga song. They were older gents with a young woman on violin. They reminded THE FUTURIST! of the performance below and the song that is performed. Appearance and production don't always go hand in hand ... and that is mostly a good thing. It's best to expect the unexpected. THE FUTURIST! loves when appearances deceive. It makes him feel Life can be quite surprising and worth the time.


performed by The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain


Dara said...

That tune was massive for a year or two! Decent version.

Robert said...

How delightfully different.