Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Memorable Luncheon

After a morning of tree branch severing at his Utter Despair, N.J. estate, THE FUTURIST! enjoyed a late lunch with his friend haiku (former aide de camp and Asian of unknown origins). They drove to The Utter Despair Diner and had an appetizer of Manhattan Clam Chowder and a hearty Cuban Sandwich (for THE FUTURIST!) and a Western Omelet (for haiku) with a side of French fries. THE FUTURIST! was very hungry due to his arduous arbor labor of sawing branches and then disposing of leafy cuttings in a barrel for weekly curbside waste pick-up. So, he suggested they have a Death By Chocolate dessert. It was quite an abdominal filling delight and caused both THE FUTURIST! and haiku to become overcome by digestive fatigue. They passed out, as pictured above, and were removed by a burly Latino busboy. haiku later claimed that the busboy may have fondled him while his half-conscious body was transported outside to the parking lot. haiku pondered whether he should contact an attorney. THE FUTURIST! told him to cherish it as a fond memory and go on with his taciturn existence and to think of it as the tip they forgot to leave behind after the meal.


Dara said...

Poor haiku!

Also, in googling "Cuban Sandwich" I came up with this picture. The kid reminds me of a young TF!.

Robert said...

Is that actually you guys in the picture? If so it was well taken!

Dara said...

It is a cool picture. Classic TF!.

kazu said...

that's how i feel after every meal at a jersey diner


Dara: THE FUTURIST! once had glasses just like that young boy in the pic you linked.

Whether that photo is of TF! and anyone else will remain a mystery. But it is a good picture, isn't it?

N.J. Diners provide hearty meals with generous portions that will induce lethargy.