Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Music for Interplanetary Nonsense

In keeping with last week's Saturday Music post, THE FUTURIST! presents another tune introduced to him by another of his associates. The good Doctor Steven Seussonoras, genius inventor, musicologist, scientist, science fiction writer, thrift store enthusiast and renowned Michigan homosexual is a great fan of the singer/song writer Robyn Hitchcock. It is not known if the good Doctor's aide de camp The Eliminator of Bullshit (a valuable asset to Seussonoras Labs, Inc located in Ypsilanti, Michigan) is, also, a fan of Robyn Hitchcock. He may very well find Mr. Hitchcock to be bullshit (The Eliminator is an expert at locating and exposing bullshit). Nevertheless, THE FUTURIST! was baptized by the sound of this song a few years ago by The Doctor and it proved to be catchy and melodic. IT makes no sense, however. What do these lyrics mean?

"Adventure Rocketship, the lover and the slave
The Skeletons of Spacemen unzipper me with Love
I'm coming for you Sunday
As Faithful as a Mummy
Discovered in a crater ....

I wish I were the Future
I'd kiss you in the Past ... "


THE FUTURIST! may agree with The Eliminator that it reads like Bullshit, but the song is entertaining and quite tempting to re-listen to after hearing one time. It's practically psychedelic at times.


performed by Robyn Hitchcock

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Dara said...

Good man, Robyn. I know I've probably asked you this before, but have you seen Storefront Hitchcock?