Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Music of Happy Discovery

Some times the Internet can unearth a pleasant surprise. THE FUTURIST! finds this to be so very often. Much like when he flips through one of his film reference books looking for a certain entry he intends to read or re-read, his eyes will see some other interesting piece of information fly by as the pages are thumbed ... and he stops or goes back and reads that entry and forgets what he was originally looking for ... but ... it doesn't matter, because something very intriguing was found along the way.

This happened with THE FUTURIST!'s Saturday Music post for today. He was watching a fascinating video on a man who loved the purity of sound in vinyl recordings and had amassed hundreds of thousands of records. After watching this short film, THE FUTURIST! delved deeper into the Vimeo library and found the delight below.

The film about the man and his music archive impressed upon THE FUTURIST! the value and aural splendor that music can provide to a person's soul. THE FUTURIST! has no idea who the artists are below and has never heard of them before ... but for some reason he clicked on the image and was given a gift of a beautiful sound that pleased his soul very very much. Hopefully, you will enjoy it, as well.

As an aside, THE FUTURIST! hopes that the lead singer eats a sandwich soon; his thin frame and possible pain due to malnutrition may cause the grimace he exhibits when he sings.

performed by The Morning Benders
and the Echo Chamber Orchestra


kazu said...

i was going to send you a link of this when i saw it! but i think i made a sandwich instead and forgot. the half-asian violin player towards the beginning is one of marlo's friends.

Dara said...

Quite pleasant. Good for Saturday Music. That vocal harmony is stuck in my head.



THE FUTURIST! suggests you attend a buffet. Also, it's amazing how lives interconnect through such strange ways ... sometimes through pure thought. THE FUTURIST! sees this video and you and Marlo have a connection with it. You and THE FUTURIST! (and Marlo) were destined to know each other. Yes .. it's true.



It is good Saturday Music. Glad you liked it. Ask Webby to listen, please, too. Pleasant is good.

Webby said...

Lovely, just lovely. I enjoyed that very much. Perhaps, with all the excitement and pressure to get all those people in such harmony made the singer skip a meal or two.