Monday, March 1, 2010

Oscar's Best Scores 1978

The Academy awards are this Sunday and THE FUTURIST! is readying himself for a stultifying evening of bad jokes, dull award presentations, insipid interludes of misguided montages and predictable outcomes. He will, of course, be prepared with a fortification of olives securely submerged in Norwegian Vodka. Being in a bored whimsical mood, THE FUTURIST! looked back at some awards of the past regarding Oscar. Some of the nominees make those of today seem so thin and wane. Listen to this example of the 5 nominees for Best Score in 1978. The winner was the disco sounding score to MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, but listen to the others ... Jerry Goldsmith's forceful dizzying Viennese waltz with a menacing tempo, the beauty and melancholy of DAYS OF HEAVEN and the jazzy jaunt of HEAVEN CAN WAIT ... and the iconic orchestral oomph of SUPERMAN.


Dara said...

I love the Giorgio Moroder score for Midnight Express. My kind of score.


So, you must be glad it won the gold.