Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tarantino Drinks an Anderson Milkshake

Today Quentin Tarantino speaks about Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood. He is quite eloquent on the film's status as a masterpiece (though he thinks PTA's Boogie Nights is the real masterpiece) and his words on Daniel Day-Lewis' performance match exactly what THE FUTURIST! thinks on this iconic bit of cinematic acting; there is no performance in recent memory, in films, that can equal that of Day-Lewis' Daniel Plainview. Mr Tarantino says you should see this movie twice to be able to even talk about it ... THE FUTURIST! saw it only once (so far) and left the auditorium speechless ... totally in awe at the achievement in film making and acting. Please watch this 9 min video and hopefully, if you haven't seen it, it will inspire you to see a true masterpiece of modern film.

Some people say Paul Thomas Anderson has made films in the style of Scorsese (Boogie Nights), Altman (Magnolia) and Kubrick/Malick (There will Be Blood), but THE FUTURIST! sees them as true original films. In the case of Quentin Tarantino, who speaks of his "friendly rival" relationship with Anderson in this video, THE FUTURIST! sees Tarantino as imitating other movies in his movies in a blatant manner ... whole sequences, shots, sound effects, visual puns, and not even using original music. He constantly takes film music from other sources, mostly Ennio Morricone. His new film is titled the same as a film from the 70s only with mis-spelling ... it is not a remake at all. Tarantino's passion for the films he loves is morphed into his own films. THE FUTURIST! sees a great difference in the two filmmakers.

P.S. Yesterday's See You Next Wednesday! trailer was in keeping with the Tarantino flavor this week. It is referenced in the Kill Bill films. For instance: did you hear that siren-like musical cue when the kung fu hero out stretches his death dealing hands? Yup ... you heard it in Tarantino's movies. It's actually from an old TV show called Ironside.


Dara said...

Maybe I should watch it a second time. I didn't think it was a masterpiece the first time. Powerful, but very flawed.

Also, did he call him Longview at some stage?


Not sure if he called him Longview ... but, please don't call TWBB flawed in THE FUTURIST!'s presence ... * faint *