Tuesday, August 18, 2009

McCabe & Mrs. Miller & Tarantino

Here is Mr. Tarantino on Robert Altman's revisionist western. THE FUTURIST! loves Mr. Tarantino's frequent affected way of speaking ... is it real or a way of appearing very important in a vocal manner? If one doesn't agree with everything he says about the film, he is right on about the ending. And THE FUTURIST! thinks Robert Altman was a genius no matter what Tarantino says!


kazu said...

nice intro. altman is quite a divisive director among movie fans. i think the most interesting thing tarantino says in this intro is that beatty is the true auteur of the film. i think noting the actor as auteur is an idea that isn't brought up enough. i love that he says, "Robert Altman and Warren Beatty's MCCABE & MRS MILLER"

PeterB said...


funny pulp fiction parody

have you seen it?

Dara said...

Very good. He's quite interesting to listen to when he's a bit calmer than he is on talk shows. That ending is pretty cool alright. I probably wouldn't like the film without it!

And I thought it was just the Galway cinema that messed up the sound on Public Enemies! Glad I didn't complain now!