Monday, August 3, 2009

Rancho Libido

"Tucson, if THE FUTURIST! returns this week,
I'll first have sex with you and then Garret ...
if he doesn't come back this week,
I'll first have sex with Garret and then you.
If he's late and doesn't arrive until next week,
well, I'll have sex with myself ...
which should prove to be much more enjoyable than
with either of you two dullards."

"Boys, if that there FUTURIST! fella rides into town soon,
I'll saddle each one of ya up and have my way with ya!
You're first, Slick! You think you're saddle sore now,
from riding across county, well, fella, you just wait! Yup!"

"If THE FUTURIST! makes his presence known
in these parts by week's end, I, Judge Mason T. MacIntire,
will have immensely satisfying carnal knowledge with my moustache!!"


Dara said...

It's like Mystery Science Theater, but with The Futurist!, from what I gather...


Could be .. never thought of that. WE may revisit Rancho Libido again, pardner.

GearĂ³id said...

I'm a bit disturbed by all this!



Has it offended your Puritan ethics? You need to take a Summer weekend off at Rancho Libido. There's bareback riding and they are filming the new movie HIGH NUDE there this Sept.