Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Music in a Jittery Sci-Fi Manner

Strange things come our way. In recent history, THE FUTURIST! was led down the path of quirk and bizarre to discover this song and these skinny be-sweatered musicians called TO MY BOY. Here they are in a setting that resembles either a Stanley Kubrick film set or the test wind tunnel of Seussonoras Labs. Take some Dramamine with your gin and tonic before viewing; they hop and bounce and induce dizziness in their spastic possibly neuro-damaged performance. Here's a tip of the hat that THE FUTURIST! never wears to Simon Abrams for his recommendation of this musical duo.

performed by To My Boy


kazu said...

they sound like a less exciting version of the futureheads.

Dara said...

Cool. Haven't heard of these guys. That voice doesn't match that face!

I like it though, they could be big. The Futurist! should have his own radio show, an eclectic mix of new and old. It's fun!



Don't know the Futureheads.


It is a weird voice, is it not?

THE FUTURIST! would love his own radio show. It might perk up his life. Maybe an Irish/American partnership. Only with you, Dara. THE FUTURIST! could step in for Webby.

Dara said...

That'd be class. You could do one of our 3-song crash courses where we get people to talk about their favourite artist. Burt, perhaps?

Also, I've become a bit obsessed with this song. I went to add them on myspace, but we're already friends. I must have good preemptive taste. Also, The Futureheads are great. A Fake Dog favourite. One of the best live acts I've seen too. Good banter.

Claire said...

These guys are pretty good! I particularly like the music video, possibly because I'm going through an obsession with music videos these days.

Apologies for not keeping up-to-date with your blog recently, Mr. F!, I haven't been internetting as much as usual this summer.