Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Pigs Fly

THE FUTURIST! is scared. Very scared.
Can he still ingest Roast Pork with Vegetables from Emperor Ming's Mongo Palace?

Oh, Dear Pagan Gods! THE FUTURIST! refuses any cheek kissing from elderly spinster aunts who may be carrying death filled spores!!!


Dara said...

That's very scary!

Mike said...

I believe as long as you are not swapping fluids with the pig it should be fine, so I'd avoid Emperor Ming's special white sauce.



That is scary. THE FUTURIST! is having an ANDROMEDA STRAIN Michael Crichton HazMat Suit prepared. The tailor just needs to cinch the waist a bit.


THE FUTURIST! is disgusted by your comment. He never gets white sauce. Never. Never ever. Once it was in a dish he purchased and he had to challenge Po (the cook) to a chopstick duel. It was ugly. The Mongo Palace tower of Coke Soda Cans crashed over during a very daring double swerve from Po.