Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Music for Easter

An Easter ritual, besides shelling hard boiled eggs and getting really pissed off if the chocolate bunny you receive is hollow and NOT solid chocolate, is to watch traditional holiday film fare. This could be one of many religiously themed epics such as The Ten Commandments, King of Kings, The Robe or Ben-Hur. THE FUTURIST! likes something to pick up his mood a bit ... oh, he understands the significance of the Christ Risen, but that whole crucifixion thing makes him even glummer than usual. It reminds him of an experience at Henrik Ibsen High School, where he was once affixed to the athletic field goal post and jeered at by his peers for wearing a bow tie one day to Wood Shop Class. The choice of neck adornment that day was totally understandable; when using the Black & Decker Table Jigsaw 1000, a bow tie was safer than wearing his usual necktie. Those Philistines! Anywho, today's pre-Easter Saturday Music is the closing moments to the colorful entertaining MGM musical Easter Parade, starring THE FUTURIST!'s favorite film musical entertainer Fred Astaire. In this clip his fancy footwork and sophisticated panache are not that fully evident (maybe a tiny bit) ... and his singing voice will be heard only briefly. The emotionally disturbed and overly prescription medicated Judy Garland will sing and provide her rendition of the classic Irving Berlin number.

performed by Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
from the MGM film Easter Parade (1948)

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Dara said...

I didn't watch any epics today, but I did watch Farewell, My Lovely. Good choice, I believe. Now I'm in the mood for some Fred Astaire...