Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Music for The Oscars

THE FUTURIST! presents the former (former because he is now dead) alcoholic pill popping poor actor/hipster Peter Lawford (never nominated for an Academy Award) singing the hit tune from the Broadway musical HAIR! This is an astounding piece of video from an old TV variety show called The Hollywood Palace. This is something The Academy Award producers would most certainly have allowed in the past on the big show. The Hollywood groovy psychedelic camera work is quite impressive. Please "dig" the dancing he does before he returns to his wicker chair throne, due to bad 80% proof equilibrium. His voice has more cracks in it than the eggs used this morning for THE FUTURIST!'s North Jersey Omelet. And he has a hookah on a table next to him!! Good Pagan God! THE FUTURIST! asks "Why isn't he wearing a Nehru Jacket and why was he famous?"

performed by Peter Lawford


kazu said...

i wonder if it was his idea to get fondled during the entire number.


Who wouldn't want to fondle Peter Lawford?

* vomits a teensy weensy bit in mouth *

kazu said...

the futurist! did you watch the oscars??


Watch it? THE FUTURIST! lived it!