Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Music for the Economic Downturn

Bad news today for THE FUTURIST! The sad state of the economy, which is rotting and festering like a week old, exposed to the elements, casaba melon, has hit home. So, today's Saturday music fits the state THE FUTURIST! and haiku find themselves embroiled. The following song, recommended by haiku, who presented it to THE FUTURIST! with a smile ... (?) ... is appropriately melancholy. The red liquid mass you see spreading across the screen in the video is either symbolic of THE FUTURIST!'s bleeding ulcer or the gushing of type O onto the linoleum kitchen floor after THE FUTURIST! commits seppuku; haiku has agreed to disengage THE FUTURIST!'s head from his torso as he loses consciousness ... it is the customary end to the ritual, you know. Enjoy.

performed by Bonnie Prince Billy


Vadim said...

I want this song at my funeral. No joke.


Don't make THE FUTURIST! cry, Vadim. Too many tears have already been shed.

Dara said...
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