Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, you might have noticed there was no Saturday Music Post
and no usual SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY! trailer featured
this week on THE FUTURIST!'s Observations from Utter Despair, NJ.
The reason for the absence of activity on this site is that
THE FUTURIST! started a vacation respite last Saturday night
and it shall continue until Sunday June 12, 2011.
This does not mean he may not post something during this wonderful
week away from his own created reality.
But ... he may ... if he is inspired.
In the interim, THE FUTURIST! wishes you all well
and he wants you to know that, so far, his week
of spiritual renewal has involved interesting food, liquor,
the wilds of New York State, snobs, white trash,
Woody Allen and Bob Hope movies, grilling, reading Dashiell Hammett,
ice cream, a swimming pool (though THE FUTURIST! can't swim),
a video of bears playing ice hockey and intense suffocating hot weather.

As pictured above,
THE FUTURIST! is prepared for further hot temperatures
and whatever else may await him in this mysterious cruel world.
Stay well.

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