Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to The Amazing Frollo

Today is the celebration of the day
of the emergence of The Amazing Frollo from his Mother's womb.
It was one of the most successful escape tricks of his career.

THE FUTURIST! presents this video of The Amazing Frollo who has
tried to escape his career as a failed magician and decided
to pursue a career in acting or comedy or maybe, in actuality,
a real professor of academia. THE FUTURIST! is not sure.

Regardless, THE FUTURIST! likes this video very much and plays it
now and again and always laughs when The Amazing Frollo breaks
that clay cat figure. The moment of awkward uncomfort is very
Peter Sellers-like and the acting of the participants is quite good.
(in THE FUTURIST!'s opinion, of course.)

You will, also, see The Amazing Frollo attempt to disappear behind
a sculptured hedge. He is incorporating his magic with his acting career.

Please observe The Amazing Frollo's neck beard.
It is one thing he is a Master of accomplishing.

Happy Birthday, Amazing Frollo.
He will be getting drunker than a Caribbean Pirate tonight.
The vomiting will be in state of the art 3D.

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