Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Utter Despair Fashions

THE FUTURIST! is considering going into a men's clothing line with an unnamed financial source. Several photographs have been snapped and one is below for your perusal. A fashionable line of tasteful casual wear that implies comfort with great sartorial sex appeal for traveling or just lying about vacation spots (or your own home) contemplating the expanding universe, lost loves, the meaningless of Life or just general stereotypical despair and a yearning to have all just ... stop.

Above, pictured, is model Andres Velencoso wearing a neutral colored Summer ensemble. He is attending a July outdoor party waiting for his Appletini and thinking about how long he must endure this torture called Life. Yes, you can be very good looking and still be beset by thoughts of despair ... but if you are ... why not look good while doing it?

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