Friday, June 24, 2011

Bears on Ice

THE FUTURIST! has, as previously stated in prior posts, a fear of bears.
This is not to say he is not adverse to looking at them and their acts of random destruction and violence. Those instances only enhance his white knuckled phobia and provide evidence to relate to others.

They are not cuddly and cute and sing songs while hunting for honey trees or assisting other woodland creatures out of silly predicaments. They don't wear hats and neckties and little short sleeved shirts. Not unless some stupid human drugs the bear or tries to tame it for some circus or sideshow. Then the bear will eventually kill the human that did it ... most likely when children are watching in the grandstand eating cotton candy.

Below, is a video that a friend of THE FUTURIST! sent him recently. Here, again, you can see how man tries to use the bear for his own entertainment. Cruel, yes. Human beings always think they can deal and rationalize with the bear. You can't. AS you will see, the bears attempt, through training, which probably included tasty treats and electric prodding, to play ice hockey. Eventually, as expected with these flea bitten slobbering brutes ... crass entertainment turns to aggression and violence.

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