Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Music that's Appropriate for a James Bond Opening Credit Sequence

The Saturday Music selection below is one that THE FUTURIST! can watch over and over again. It's not just the pleasantly mind catching melody, but it is, also, the tune married to the marvelously engineered visuals.

THE FUTURIST! loves how the song is used in a sham cinematic opening credit sequence for a film. It is never stated in the video that this is a James Bond film, but it is oh so certified by the luscious 2:35 screen ratio, the faux Maurice Binder gyrating female silhouettes and slow motion candy colored smoke and orgasmic explosions. It has the iconic Goldfinger styled projections of the singers onto the erotically charged posed figures of curvaceous women (and in this version, even men are glimpsed later on).

THE FUTURIST! just loves James Bond motion pictures. He was brought up on them by his male parent. He can recall sitting in the theater straining his small head (due to his stature) to see the very adult adventures played out on the mammoth screen. They were his introduction to sexuality on screen. They were everything to him ... comic book-like, yet scary in their violence and danger for a young boy, full of taboo talk and acts that he dared not discuss with any adult ... they provided such excitement for all his senses and wonderful loud pulsating brassy music and an epic sense of a world he would never ever encounter in real life. He remembers leaving the local cinema with his Father asking: "Did you like that?" Words could barely tumble from his mouth to express his joy. Perhaps, his love of movies came from James Bond and that is why he will watch them over and over again. They are certainly silly and as an adult THE FUTURIST! can see the degrees of "badness" some of the entries have lowered themselves to ... and they do not instill the same thrilling shot of hormonal harbingers in his body, but they make him remember that excitement and ... that is a good thing to relive in trying times.

This video represents to THE FUTURIST! the best thing about those films after the audience sees the dry opening wherein a calamity would befall Great Britain or the world itself ... or Bond would be confronted with death, dressed impeccably and then escape in a wild outlandish bit of business. Then came the title sequence aurally embracing you with the theme song and surreal images. THE FUTURIST! thinks this homage to those Bond openings is better than many he has seen in recent years. In fact, it's a pity it isn't the real thing.

Listen and watch:

performed by Scissor Sisters


Matthew said...

I had forgotten about this little gem. I always loved how it was in the tone of the hero ballad as opposed to the sultry spy brass or a play on the iconic guitar theme. Nobody does it better indeed.

Dara said...

Cool, hadn't seen this. It's well done. Carly Simon vibe to it. Also, a credit for fluffer. They couldn't resist being crude.