Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Music by Young Jeff Bridges

Last week THE FUTURIST! watched a PBS American Masters special on actor Jeff Bridges. In this program, besides informing the viewer on Bridges' career from an early appearance on his father's TV show SEA HUNT and up to his Academy Award as Best Actor in CRAZY HEART, many stories are told by his family and friends about his many other talents. He is a painter and a photographer. Both these talents have been displayed in galleries. He, also, is a song writer and at one time he seriously wanted to stop acting and become a musician. He wrote a song that a film producer heard and the same producer placed it in a film called JOHN AND MARY (1969).

THE FUTURIST! has been watching some films made by the late Peter Yates. He directed JOHN AND MARY. Last night, in his Thimble Theater, THE FUTURIST! screened JOHN AND MARY. In a scene in a Manhattan bar, Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow flirt and talk and get a bit tipsy while the usual tavern white noise buzzes on. In the background of this scene you can hear bits and pieces of Bridges' song LOST IN SPACE that he wrote when he was 20 years old or maybe even 19 years old. He sings the tune, as well.

Tonight, THE FUTURIST! saw Jeff Bridges in TRUE GRIT and marveled at his superlative acting. THE FUTURIST! always loved Bridges in everything he has ever saw perform in ... even films of a weak structure. He is always top notch. The Public Broadcasting special brought back all those memories of the young handsome robust Bridges in FAT CITY, BAD COMPANY, THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT and his later more mature roles in FEARLESS, THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS and THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Bridges doesn't disappoint in an iconic role once made famous by John Wayne, either.

All this Bridges stuff was rattling around in THE FUTURIST!'s brain tonight. He decided to see if he could find the LOST IN SPACE song from JOHN AND MARY on YouTube ... and VIOLA! as usual YouTube never disappoints (well, seeing a Japanese man unpeel a banana with his ass cheeks on a game show was a bit disheartening)

Please listen to the Young Jeff Bridges
and this spacey very 1969-like sound:

performed and written by Jeff Bridges