Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday Music from Woody & Groucho for New Year's Day

Happy New Year's Day from Utter Despair, N.J.!

Woody Allen's musical comedy entitled EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU featured an amusing sequence near the conclusion of the film that takes place on New Year's Eve. Some of the film's characters attend a party in Paris wherein the guests are asked to dress as Groucho Marx or a Marx Brother. During this soiree there is a musical number performed by The Helen Miles Singers. The performers are dressed as different versions of film Grouchos. You can see the HORSE FEATHERS Groucho, the ANIMAL CRACKERS Groucho and a DUCK SOUP Groucho in nightcap and night shirt.

Many dislike Woody Allen's excursion into musical comedy, but THE FUTURIST! loves it. He saw it twice ... well, actually once in its entirety in the theater. Then, one day, while waiting for another film THE FUTURIST! crept into the auditorium featuring EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU and watched the Paris party sequence again. Happy days.

Listen and take delight:


from the film EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (1996)
performed by The Helen Miles Singers


Dara said...

I don't remember any of this film! They have the Groucho walk down anyway.

christian said...

I really liked this film as did the audience of very older folk I saw it with...