Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting to Know Your Piriformis

The winter is quite brutal this year in Utter Despair, NJ
There are snow accumulations every week.
Today another 9 inches was awaiting at early morning light.
This is causing a lot of physical exertion for THE FUTURIST!
He was heard to say that his back and neck ache very much.
An acquaintance told him that his posture appears poor, as well.
Could this be due to the constant bending to collect and then
heave mounds of snow? Perhaps.
THE FUTURIST! checked out some YouTube tips for posture correction.
He discovered the one submitted above featuring Dr. Erik Sorbo.
After making sure that he dressed in a dress shirt, dress trousers,
shoes AND a neck tie, THE FUTURIST! performed this exercise in his
home office. He found it strangely erotic and was impelled to perform
more then the suggested 3 to 5 repetitions.
The Piriformis is a very interesting muscle.
You may want to turn down the lights and play some cocktail music.

1 comment:

Dara said...

Haha. I like how quickly he tries to get up and resume his dignity.