Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Music Brought Back from the Past

In his public school days, when he was THE YOUNG FUTURIST!, THE FUTURIST! did some work for a theater group at Henrik Ibsen High School. He sat in on many rehearsals and auditions and enjoyed seeing the process of creating a stage play. One time, THE FUTURIST! watched Laurel Standish perform the song presented below as part of her audition. Young 17 yr old Laurel Standish sang with pitch perfect perfection as the accompanying piano, guitar and drums added to her melodious voice. After the song began, Laurel seemed to direct the song to THE YOUNG FUTURIST!. He felt every word hit him directly as if his soul was a row of sheet metal ducks being "pinged" by a BB gun at the town carnival. Was Laurel Standish singing to the inner melancholy of THE YOUNG FUTURIST! Well, he is not sure, but he will never forget this sappy 70s song, the tingle running across his skin as Laurel Standish sang, or her sparkling Crayola colored Caribbean Current Blue eyes.


performed by Olivia Newton-John

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Dara said...

Laurel Standish! Great name!