Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Music for "Summer Jammin'" with Dr. Porto

Summer time is a season of memories past and future. THE FUTURIST! finds certain songs evoke those childhood flashbacks of fun, frolics, fantasy and, sometimes, regret. Everyone has those certain Summer Time Songs locked away in their brain memory vaults. The tumblers on those vaults can be easily twirled to and fro to unlock visions when hearing melodies.

Speaking of the mind and the psychological and such, Dr. Porto, THE FUTURIST!'s acquaintance of psychiatry, happens to be a good conversationalist and all around bright personality, even though he is a horrible person. The Doctor isn't entirely 100% evil. He can, occasionally, be kind and generous ... but only for brief moments. He is seeing a counsellor regarding these faults in himself.

But, the point of this Saturday Music post is not Dr. Porto's predisposition for being manipulative and Machiavellian. This post is about Summer Time Memories through Music. Dr. Porto suggested this piece by Yuck. THE FUTURIST! when he first heard Dr. Porto utter the name of the band Yuck, mistakenly thought Dr. Porto was verbally expressing a reaction to his new hounds tooth summer sport coat. After a brief misunderstanding, THE FUTURIST! was made to understand Yuck was the name of a band and Dr. Porto was "Summer Jammin'" to on his outdoor deck while toasting Naan Bread on his grill. Dr. Porto was listening and reminiscing about his Summer Time Romance with Nurse Lutz years ago. It was a memory filled with sunshine, the Jersey seashore, beautiful skies, wine coolers, Xanax, some sort of cat tranquilizer and the terrible way Nurse Lutz stood him up in order to go on a road trip with her voluptuous girlfriends to the Hamptons.

Yuck brought back those memories ... both in music and reaction. Dr. Porto was filled with nostalgia tinged with love and depression.

THE FUTURIST! visited for awhile, ate Indian food and watched Dr. Porto leaf through an Asian Modeling catalogue. It was a beautiful day. Low humidity and perfect for Summer Memories.


performed by YUCK

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