Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Music for Leaving

THE FUTURIST! attended a "going away" festivity of sorts. It was a gathering of co-workers who were saying goodbye to one who decided she had had enough. This person of THE FUTURIST!'s acquaintance may not be going to anywhere better financially or appropriate to her educational background, but the parachuting from the the huge airliner of despair, aggravation, humiliation and tedious disregard for her as a human being was an escape that had to be made. She decided to unlatch the cargo door, suffer the powerful winds of the high altitudes of Life and ... leap. THE FUTURIST! just hopes she pulls the parachute cord before she hits the ground at high plummeting speed.

In between laughing, gossiping and assorted appetizers and plenty of booze, the gatherers at this departure party decided to partake of a little karaoke. THE FUTURIST! is not one to indulge in such frivolity, but he was asked to pick an appropriate tune for the guest of honor to lend her not-so-perfect pipes of vocalization to and ... as usual, THE FUTURIST! leans to his favorite composer of the 20th century ... Mr. Burt Bacharach. In this case, THE FUTURIST! chose this song from the Broadway show PROMISES, PROMISES that Mr. Bacharach and his lyricist Hal David wrote the music for to the book written by Neil Simon based on the film THE APARTMENT.

THE FUTURIST! knows it is a song about a woman expressing her emotions in respect as to when to depart from a relationship ... but, he felt that it matched the night's theme.

Please Listen:

music by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
performed by Jill O'Hara

P.S. Those that attended loved the rendition and the music. Bacharach never disappoints.

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