Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Music Expressing a Weather Report

There has been a heat wave embracing the United States and THE FUTURIST! has felt it's horrible humid, sticky, suffocating, stinky hug every single minute in Utter Despair, NJ. Oh, it is so so hot. One must find shelter in their home and shopping malls and their own place of employment ... that is if these places have air conditioners or central air cooling systems. Thankfully most are equipped with the environmentally controlled cooling invention of Man's Ingenuity in beating the heat. THE FUTURIST! leaves one cooled dwelling for another ... into his car ... then into another place of air conditioning. The other night, THE FUTURIST! left a building and it was dark and still ... just the sound of buzzing cicadas ... and the air was so thick and wet ... it felt like he was inhaling aerosol canned cheese spray. He was carrying some papers and they started to curl from the humidity. His clothing immediately felt like it had shrunk and adhered itself to his limbs and other areas not to be mentioned that are covered by unmentionables. The atmosphere felt other worldly ... as if he had walked onto the surface of Mars or Jupiter.

Today it felt like the heat wave had subsided a bit. It was not as humid ... still rather warm. THE FUTURIST! does not like the heat or the Summer Time.

Please listen to Mr. Cole Porter's song about heat and not wanting to do much of anything ... especially "pitching the woo" when it's just too too hot.

performed by Ella Fitzgerald
written by Cole Porter