Monday, January 18, 2010

Stop Motion Animated Acceptance

The travesty that is The Golden Globes is over. What a bore. What an amazing display of ego. What plastic surgery! Every woman seemed to have the same Mickey Rourke cheek implants and bloated lips. Not one speech was electrifying or interesting. Well, maybe the plea for film history and preservation by Martin Scorsese. There was, too, the anger and befuddlement on many faces as James Cameron won major awards ... that was interesting; Jason Reitman looked like he was going to chew his scraggly beard. And there was all thank thanking of God and phony humility.

Below you will see an example of how to accept your award in a very interesting and creative manner. This is a video presentation at The National Board of Review Awards. Wes Anderson, the director of FANTASTIC MR. FOX, won a special achievement award and this film was shown in lieu of his being present. It's very clever.



Dara said...

That's how you do it!

I can't believe Avatar won awards. It's really quite baffling. I must look up this speech of Cameron's.

christian said...

This was pitch perfect. And did MR. FOX win any Globes? Best that it didn't. As fer the GG's, I have one word: PiaZadora.


The Globes are horrid. Horrid to watch and a horrid looking award. They weer always a joke, but got respect and started appearing on a major network. And the Miss Golden Globes person every year is ridiculous.