Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Music that Would Not Be Heard If Not for a Friend

THE FUTURIST! is known to be one that does not seek out new music ... and by new music it is meant to imply music that would be NEW to his ears. THE FUTURIST! will seek out new films or films that he has heard about from the past, but music is usually brought to his attention by other means. Friends will bring most music to THE FUTURIST!'s attention or he may hear something in a film soundtrack or television program or commercial or in a friend's home. In the case of the music for today's Saturday Music post, THE FUTURIST! was introduced to the sound below by a very good friend who lives in New York City. THE FUTURIST!'s friend has a grand ear for music and actual sounds that make music ... meaning everyday sounds that could be turned into music. Yesterday, THE FUTURIST! received a call from his friend who was about to leave for Stockholm, Sweden. He is having an installation of his sound art on exhibit at a gallery in the land of Ingmar Bergman. He, also, called due to girlfriend troubles which he related while drinking in the airport terminal bar aptly called DRINK. THE FUTURIST cares not to impart those troubles in this post, but rather have you lend an ear to a song that his friend played for him at one time. He told THE FUTURIST! that it might please him because of his melancholy nature. It did, indeed.


performed by Ms. John Soda


Dara said...

This is nice. I've heard of them before actually. They're related to The Notwist.


Did not know that, Dara.

See, you can learn things about music from friends. You just proved it.